10 Video Production Tips to Make Better Videos: Part Three

7) External microphones can save the show

Often, novices will choose to use the microphone on their cameras. While this can work just fine if you are able to get close enough to the subject, you could miss out on a lot of conversation when you have to move back up. In addition, the camera microphone is going to catch up on a lot of other noises, such as you moving around, which could ruin the whole scene. Consider an external microphone. These often have better sounds with them and can make the whole scene more crisp and fun to watch.

8) Control the lighting

Lighting can make or break the work you are trying to do. You want to make sure that your lighting is just right all the time so that the subjects are easily seen and people aren’t struggling to figure out what is going on. While you can mess with the light to get day time and night time, still make sure the lighting is perfect for everyone to know what is going on.

9) Try a tripod

Keeping your hand steady during this process is almost impossible. You are too busy watching the scene, moving around, and doing a lot of other things to keep still. But often a novice will hold onto the camera, even with all this moving. This can lead to a shaky picture that doesn’t look that great. When you place the camera on a tripod, you can move around all you want and do your job while still getting a great picture.

10) Edit ruthlessly

When the product is done, you need to be a ruthless editor. Act like this isn’t even your project and then go after it. While it might be hard to let some parts go, you need to remember that if the lighting is not right or someone messed up, this isn’t something that should be in your final cut. You may even need to go back and redo some of the scenes to get it to look nice. At the end, you should have a perfect project that you are proud to show everyone.

Now that you know the 10 video production tips to make better videos, get out there and create something amazing!

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