10 Video Production Tips to Make Better Videos: Part Two

4) Multiple Shots

Multiple shots can really help to add something to your story. This shows off the different perspectives that are going on and you can use these in quick cuts to get something new into the shot. This can work really great if you are showing an argument or something that will need a lot of quick shots. Try not to overdo this all the time; sometimes it is nice to just have a simple story line played out.

5) Don’t focus all on the subject

It is easy to spend all your time just filming the subject at hand, but don’t get into this trap. Move things around. Show the viewer what the other characters are doing while the subject talks. Look at some of the background movement that could add to the scenes. Cutaways can make the story more interesting, just make sure it still has something to do with the scene at hand.

6) Camera height should equal subject height

Unless you are using the angle for dramatic effect, keep the height of the camera about the same as your subject. You may have to move the device around depending on the height of your subject, but this is going to help bring out natural looks in your scenes.

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