5 Tips to Create Great Online Video Ads

Social media marketing may be so prolific today, but videos are still as powerful as they were a few ago when it comes to conveying a message. It may not be cheap to come up with exceptional video ads but if you get it right, then expect them to bring in the new sales that your business needs. However, the question is, how do you create search videos for your online marketing campaign?

1) Production is Key

An excellent marketing video is not all about content. You may have the ultimate product or service, but the way it is presented in the video determines if people will actually go ahead and buy. This means that your production must be top notch to grab people’s attention. Things such as background music, video quality, actors, script, graphics, lighting and camera angles speak volumes about your video, and you must get them right. Therefore, set aside a few bucks to get a professional production team to help you out so that you do not disappoint the audience.

2) Know Your Audiences

This is critical for any marketing material. Your video marketing ads can only be effective if you know your target audience and target them in the videos. Teens and students in the early 20s are drawn to totally different content from their parents. As a result, you must be clear about what the video intends to achieve. Are you after retaining the existing customers or attracting new ones? Whatever your objective is, make sure the video is tailored to suit it.

3) Tell a Tale

One of the reasons videos get viral on the internet is because they tell some form of a story. Your video needs to tell a story and not just push a product to the audience, and the story must also be legitimate. Do not try to make it up. If humor has no place in your products, then do not create a video that will make people laugh. The story that you tell must be relevant, and the characters also need to have a place in the video while still relating with the audience.

4) Keep the Message Concise

Yes, you are encouraged to tell a story but how much time do you think the audience will give you? It is advisable to keep your video length to 60 seconds maximum. This is because people have a very short attention span, and thus your message must be delivered quickly. This is based on statistics on the use of videos that indicate viewership plummets after the first 60 seconds.

5) Know How to Measure Results

Video marketing is just like any other marketing paradigm meaning that you need a way to measure results. You have to find a way of measuring critical metrics like the number of views, time viewed, and traffic source. These metrics will help you understand how well the video is doing once you have released it out there. Furthermore, analytics can help you as a marketer determine content and locations that are most effective for your video marketing initiative.

Online video ads can help direct the required traffic to your site, but you have to craft them carefully for them to achieve that. Luckily, the above tips will guarantee you a killer video ad!

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