9 Youtubers That Made It Big: Part Three

7) Alex Tanney

Though Alex Tanney’s career appeared to be a little dim after being undrafted out of Div III Monmouth College, he was still able to get the attention needed to become a successful popular youtuber. His current claim to fame came when he uploaded videos of himself doing unbelievable trick shot throws. Due to the attention that he gained from large audiences, he was also able to attract attention from people that could benefit him greatly in the football field. For instance, he had a few general managers that assisted him with landing tryouts from different organizations.

8) Kate Upton

While some people have gained their notoriety through sports videos and and music videos, others have gained a certain amount of success by sporting their looks. This statement is true for Kate Upton since she is noted from being a great bombshell model that has been featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Due to the success that she has had on Youtube, she has appeared multiple times on the cover of Sports Illustrated. The success she had was relatively instant. For instance, she posted her own video doing the Dougie, which quickly attracted millions of viewers and 170,000 Twitter followers.

9) Philip DeFranco

Today, youtube is used for a wide variety of things. Some of which involves providing instructional videos that tell people how to solve certain problems. If the youtuber is good enough, they can take advantage of large crowds of viewers that like what they see. In the case of Philip DeFranco, he was able to gain a certain amount of success by posting videos that helped him in the entertainment world. For instance, he decided to post his own show back in 2006. To get the initial shows started, he talked about the latest news stories in order to attract a specific target audiences attention. Because he had a lot of followers that wanted to keep track of him, he became a self-made you tuber that enjoyed a certain amount of success by providing commentaries on different topics. Due to the success he has had, his show is also being sponsored and paid for by corporations and some TV shows like Lie to Me.

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