9 Youtubers That Made It Big: Part Two

4) Marie Digby

In addition to the musical work that Dondria and Avery Molek has performed, there is another highly acclaimed youtuber that has also make her mark on the music world as well. Her initial start can be tracked back to 2007 since she experienced a modest amount of attention as a musician at that time. However, the most notable attention that this star has been given actually began with the attention that was stirred up via radio stations across the globe. This is because Marie’s version of the song Umbrella by Rihanna was a great success in many local and international venues. She also had an opportunity to perform this song on Last call with Carson Daily. The song that she wrote was also presented on the Hills’ featured sound track.

5) Bo Burnham

Some people soar to fame by offering their own unique routines that attracts attention worldwide via the Youtube. The same is true for Bo Burnham because he started up the road of success with videos of his comedic songs. Some of his earliest hits can be found online under the title “Bo Fo’ Sho”. Based on the people that pushed the videos that were created, he has not only received a lot of attention but also a remarkable response when dealing with Comedy Central Records. All of this attention was gained prior to the musicians 18th birthday. Further, since this time, Bo Burnham has released several full-length comedy albums. The innovative promotion of his work can be attributed to the movie Judd Apatow. This is because he was responsible for developing his own MTV show. For instance, he was the creator and producer of Zach Stone Is Gonna Be Famous.

6) Brooke Brodack

Brook Brodak has had an interesting past that sounds like a great Cinderella story that many young people covet today. Even though she dropped out of college and begin to work as hostess in a local restaurant, she gained here notoriety through posting videos online of her comedic work. Starting in 2015, each comedy post was short and an excellent way to gain the attention that she needed to be successful. Once the videos that she posted attracted the attention of large audiences, Carson Daly assisted with her fame by offering a development contract. Even though this arrangement deal not yield any success, she gained the notoriety needed by starring on It’s your Show TV content site.

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