Five Tools That Make Vlogging Easy

Vlogging or video blogging is something that majority of bloggers out there don’t want to get involved in. They say it’s daunting, plus it needs a significant resource and time investment to get it right. In addition to this, they undermine themselves by thinking they don’t have anything interesting to say.

But regardless of what the excuse is, video gets more attention than text, and because of this, everyone must go visual to increase attention to their content. We all know that attention means profits in the internet world.

So here are 5 tools that will make your Vlogging life easy:

1) YouTube Mp3 podcaster

With this Firefox add-on, you can download your favorite clips from YouTube, then edit to make them your own. It downloads YouTube clips directly from the site. It also adds buttons below every video you ever watched on the site.

Those buttons present a number of download options, including whether you want to download in HD, Mp3 or in other formats. You can download it today to make your Vlogging life easier.

2) Google Plus hangouts

With this social network, you can create panel or interview-type clips with very minimal effort. Just sign up to Google plus, and start a video conferencing hangout on air. The moment you air your coverage live, it will be available for the public to watch it, while a live recording will go straight into your YouTube account.

3) The iPhone

Sometimes you just need an iPhone to shoot and upload great quality videos to YouTube. Also, the iRig microphone will give you some good quality audio to go with your videos. After all, audio should be as good as video.

This mic is versatile with different atmospheres, so you will definitely have plenty of options with it. Once you have your quality videos with accompanying audio, you can send them straight to the iMovie iPhone app. This way, you can add some title, nice background tunes, and so on.

4) Corel video studio

This video-editing software will make you feel like a professional editor when creating videos. It also comes with a great deal of loyalty-free audio to accompany your videos. At a cost of $79 only, this tool can help you do great things with videos before presenting them to the public.

5) Screencast O-Matic

Many people don’t like the idea of starting a Vlog because they feel they don’t own a professional camera or camera phone. If this is a concern, the Screencast O-matic is a handy tool for helping you start a vlog without owning a piece of camera lens.

The Screencast O-Matic tool records all activities of your computer with just a few clicks, no software download is involved.

If you’re posting something like a how-to guide, this will handy for your audience because instead of making them read long instructions (which many people do not like anyway), they can watch directions on how to do it.

To conclude, you definitely need to take advantage of these tools if you want to make your life as a Vlogger easy. The 5 tools above make it possible to work with quality videos that everyone wants to watch.

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