How to Add a Branding Text Overlay to Your Video

Putting in the best of your efforts, as you shoot or create, edit and upload your video on the popular video sharing websites, there is one thing that may still bother you. It is the absence of any credits or branding on the video. While it is convenient to add logos, names or credit lines before uploading a new video, you need to know How to Add a Branding Text Overlay to Your Video that you have already uploaded.

But there is no reason to worry even if you want to add branding to an existing video. While some most popular websites including provide specific features to add a Branding Text Overlay to Your Video, the branding can easily be done using simple video editing softwares. The movie maker software, one of the simplest in the category, can prove to be highly significant for adding text to videos.

An overlay is a layer of text that you add to an existing video and it is usually placed permanently in a corner of the video. Take a look at a brief guide on How to Add a Branding Text Overlay to Your Video using Movie Maker software. The steps may vary slightly depending upon the software you use:

  1. Go to New Project option and import the existing video into it.
  2. Option for Titles and Credits will be available under the Tools feature in the menu bar or tab.
  3. Most video editing softwares will have option of Choose/Add title. The bar or layer specified for displaying the added text. Many softwares also use change the title option.
  4. Under this option, you can add your name, company name, a title, logo or email ID for branding. Some softwares also provide the feature of displaying text overlay at bottom the video permanently.
  5. The next step is to export the final video (with text additions) to movie file and upload it.

About video editing software:

Apart from basic Movie Maker software or similar ones in the category, you can opt for more professional video editing softwares that can be purchased. Depending upon the user’s available budget, softwares with different price range can be availed easily.
For better understanding of video editing software, you can also go through popular video editing reviews.

Some advantages of adding text overlays to the videos

The foremost significance of text overlays is the credit given to the developer of the video. Also, it gives a brand value to the video and safeguards copyright. The text overlay gives a subject or theme to the video. Also, it can be used as a reference by other viewers to promote any product or entity included in the video.

At present, adding text overlays to videos is the most popular form of online advertising too.

Guidelines for adding text overlays:

The text should not be placed in middle of the video as it may interfere in viewing. The developer of the video must place it either on top or bottom of the video.

Another thumb rule for adding text to video is to keep the length of the text minimum. It is important to say more in lesser words. The font color must be friendly to the eye and compliment the background.

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