The Gear You Need for Vlogging: Web Cam, Lighting, and Microphone

Video logging looks like it’s easy, but as with everything, there is a lot that goes into it. When all goes according to plan, people just don’t see it, because the seams are hidden. The people who create good online videos are the people with a keen understanding of the proper lighting and the proper camera placement. They’re conscious of what their audience will see and hear, and they try to make the entire process of filming as thorough as possible.  To start with, people will need a web cam, a microphone, and proper lighting.

Web Cams

Many people will have web cams that will work just fine on their computers anyway, so this shouldn’t require anyone to purchase any additional equipment. However, not everyone’s web cam is going to be high-quality enough to create good videos, so video loggers should definitely test out their web cams and evaluate the videos that they have created before they actually post anything. Additional web cams are widely available, and many people are going to be better off getting professional web cams that were actually designed with that purpose in mind.


The lighting can be just as important. Even in a video where the audio is the star and the main attraction, people can find poor lighting very off-putting in the videos that they watch. Some people are fortunate enough to do their recording in well-lit areas anyway. Other people are going to need to play games with lights indoors. Household lamps will often do the trick. There is no need for anyone to buy fancy studio lighting. However, these sorts of lighting fixtures certainly can make for a better video. Video loggers should try experimenting with different lighting conditions in order to find what is going to work for them and for their videos.


In all likelihood, the audio equipment on one’s computer is not going to be sufficient when it comes to filming a decent video. The sound quality on these videos really is everything. People who are filming song covers or anything else to do with music in particular are going to need to purchase secondary microphones. That way, they can position the microphone correctly in order to get the exact sound that they want. If they use the camera that’s on their computers or on their phones, whatever they record is functionally just going to be background noise anyway. Unless that’s the effect that they’re going for, it is important to make sure that they will be able to control the situation effectively.

Bad microphones are going to pick up all of the static and the background noise in the room. Bad lighting is going to make the person speaking in the video look like a monster instead of an orator or a performer. Good audio, on the other hand, can mean the difference between a video that goes viral and a video that wallows in obscurity at the bottom of the Internet, and the bottom of the Internet is expanding all the time.

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