Three Cameras That Are Great for Vlogging

Vlogging is the short for “video blogging”, it entails the recording of a video that is used to convey a message, just like you do with blogging. The use of Vlogging has been on the rise since its introduction back in 2002. More people are now using it because of platforms such as YouTube. By using YouTube, your video can now reach many people in just a short time. Other people are becoming internet celebrities by using the concept of Vlogging.

If you have the idea of getting into Vlogging, the most important requirement is getting a camera to make the recordings. Most cameras can do the recording, but not all of them will offer the quality that people expect in a video blog. Here are the top three cameras suitable for Vlogging.

Canon Powershot S110 Digital Camera

It is easy to see many people going for the Canon models as they provide the best picture quality need for a video blog. The S110 is among the best Canon models that were created for companies looking to start small investments before going big. The camera features a 12MP sense that will deliver the best high quality images when shooting. Due to its compact size, you can hold it in one hand and still do the shooting while demonstrating with the other hand. Its capability to shoot in 1080p makes it great for producing the full HD videos that will be clearer than the standard cameras. With the in-built Wi-Fi connectivity, sharing of the videos and images between devices just became easier.

Canon EOS Rebel T4i

Having 30fps video recording capacity, it is much better than the S110. This makes the camera great for the advanced vloggers. They can now make videos at an improved video frames per second. You can still switch to the 60fps when recording at 1280 x 720 HD videos. The built-in microphone helps the vlogger to successfully record clear voices when giving instructions. When the video is great, but if the sound is bad, not many people would want to watch again.

The camera still comes with many options for customizing the shooting session. You can choose the best options to help in making a great video. You can adjust the ISO, the shutter speed, white balance and the aperture. You still have the option of connecting the camera to an external microphone whenever the need arises.

Nikon D3300

The D3300 is the best among the Nikon DSLR models for Vlogging. With a camera sensor of 24.3MP, this camera can be used to produce beautiful videos and images. It is easy to distinguish the quality of videos shot by this camera when compared to the others. The camera comes with a range of refresh rates to choose from. Each rate will have a varied picture quality, so choose wisely. The 11-point autofocus system should help you get the right shots each time when using the camera. You can still make a number of customizations to the camera to find the right settings needed for an application. Some vlogging might need more brightness and changes in contrast than the others.

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