Holistic Productions


We are a small team of very busy videographers based in Paris. We excel at making the best introduction videos for businesses and products. If you have a project for us please note that the current waiting time is four months due to current workload.

For Events

As you can probably guess, we need nice footage. We would much prefer sending on of our own team to record your event, but we can work with any and all type of footage such as iPhone videos.

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Award winning team

We stay in direct contact with you daily, letting you know what has been done and what is being worked on currently.

We work with your formatting. If you require the video to have subtitles, closed captions we add this for you in multiple languages.

We store your files for as long as you'd like. Even if you lose them, simply contact us and we will send you them by email.

Contact Info

We would like to hear about your project, please contact our sales team who will respond as quickly as they can.

Email: sales@holistic-productions.com